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2016 aStar Summer Math & CS Camp Highlights

Last  summer aStar had almost 600 students attended in Math & CS summer camps at four different locations. Besides Santa Clara and Orange County, for the first time aStar held math & cs camps in Greater Boston Area.

Some highlights from camps are as follows:

  • Math camps offered three weeks of intense math classes that covered Algebra/Analysis, Number Theory/Combinatorics and Geometry topics.
  • CS camps offered two/three weeks of intense CS classes from Introduction to Programming to USACO Platinum levels.
  • Everyday, there were six hours of lectures led by aStar instructors, former olympians, experienced teachers and nation wide/international various competition medalists.
  • Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Yusuf Aytar from Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT gave a guest lecture on Artificial Intelligence and the Age of Information.
  • Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Umut Eser from Dept. of Genetics, Harvard University gave a guest lecture on Artificial Intelligence for Genomics and Medicine.
  • Many different team activities, individual tournaments and challenging contests were held during the day that helped to increase student motivation and team spirits.
  • Weekend fun and educational trips were organized for residential students.

We believe that overall student performance was great and students’ motivation, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm were remarkably increased at the end of the camps.

As aStar team, we would like to thank our instructors for their tremendous efforts during the camp.

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