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Summer SAT Camp


College Highway Summer SAT Camp is an intensive program designed to provide comprehensive instruction of the topics in each section of the SAT. Our dedicated instructors have a wealth of experience in test prep to make the most of the time available.

During the camp:

Students work on to improve their critical reading skills by analyzing challenging texts from various academic subjects. In the math section of the camp, students study concepts that are commonly tested on the SAT and work on problem sets both in class and at home to reinforce the material that they have learned. The writing section of the camp helps students strengthen their grammar and teach them how to write strong, compelling evidence based essays.

Test-Taking Skills

Success on the SAT, and other similar standardized tests, requires a unique set of skills. Being familiar with the types of questions that appear on the SAT is just as important as having knowledge of the actual content. Your comfort with question type and style, combined with your ability to conquer the difficult problems on the test, will have a major impact on your score.