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Academic Program

Star League's College Prep program offers top notch academic preparation opportunities for students who plan to take the SAT in the fall.

We offer two tracks: 2400 Club and Sprinters

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2400 Club

2400 Club is for students who are aiming top colleges. Star League provides an excellent opportunity to those who plan to ace the test and land in a prestigious university.

You like challenge? and got bored with the usual simple questions? This is the right place for you.. Sharpen your skills and be a member of the high-achievers club!

Our program is design to maximize your score at the SAT and pave the way to your dream college!




You haven’t had enough opportunities or made much preparations towards your college ambitions.. no worries! Star League has an excellent program for you! It will take you from the very foundations to the mastery of all SAT topics.

It requires commitment though! If you are committed and determined to do your best, we will help you along the way with the best instructors, materials and guidance.

We will start with a diagnostic test and an initial consultation.


Our program consists of two semesters: Spring Classes and a Summer Camp


Spring Semester

The Spring program is the first step of Star League’s College Highway Program. It is comprised of 6-hour classes on Saturdays for 14 weeks running from March through June. This comprehensive program paves the way for our students to achieve a high score on the SAT.

SAT 2400 Club

2400 Club students focus primarily on the hardest parts of the test during our Spring Program. In Math, they focus mostly on algebra including algebraic expressions and functions, exponents, absolute value, linear equations and inequalities, and quadratic equations In Reading, they focus on critical reading. In writing, they focus on grammar review and essay writing


Focus primarily on the hardest parts of the test. For example, in Math, they focus on mostly numbers and operations, including percentages, ratios and proportion, integers, rational numbers, sets, counting, sequences, and series. In Reading, they will focus on critical reading and in the Writing section, they will concentrate on grammar review and essay writing.


Summer Camp

Our Summer SAT Camp is an intensive two-month program designed by test prep experts to provide comprehensive instruction of the topics in each section of the SAT. Our SAT Summer Camp provides more in-seat instruction and guidance than any other program available on the test prep market. Our dedicated instructors have a wealth of experience in test prep to make the most of the time available.

Students work on mastering the definitions of over 2000+ SAT vocabulary words in the critical reading section of the camp. They also improve their critical reading skills by analyzing challenging texts from various academic subjects. In the math section of the camp, students study concepts that are commonly tested on the SAT and work on problem sets both in class and at home to reinforce the material that they have learned. The writing section of the camp helps students strengthen their grammar and teach them how to write strong, compelling essays.

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