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USACO Gold Advanced

The course is for students who have programming background or compete in USACO Silver division. The language used is C++. Students who are familiar with Java also welcome. The course is composed of 24 sessions, 2 hours per session. The course is divided in two semesters; fall and spring, 12 sessions each. Each semester requires separate registration.


  • be able to solve hard USACO Gold problems
  • comfortably implements USACO Gold level solutions
  • get ready for USACO Platinum course


At least one of the following requirements has to be satisfied:

  • successfully completed A-Star USACO Gold Basic course
  • scored more than 400 points in a USACO Gold contest


Following topics will be covered with extensive exercises:

Fall semester:

  • Searching techniques
  • Data structures
  • Graph algorithms

Spring semester:

  • Dynamic programming
  • Greedy methods
  • Elementary geometric algorithms

* Although this course has the same topics with USACO Gold Basic course, it has very brief lectures when necessary and much harder problem sets / projects as opposed to the other one.