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USA(J)MO Basic

USA(J)MO Basic is an introductory proof writing course. It is appropriate for students who are confident about USAJMO/USAMO qualification and are willing to work one hour on a single math Olympiad problem.


Target Math Competitions:         USAJMO, USAMO

Target Grades:                             6-12

Who should take this course:    USAJMO/USAMO Qualifiers or those likely to qualify the following year



 Who should skip this course:   Those who can solve

- 2 or more problems on USAMO
- 4 or more problems on USAJMO
(out of 6 problems)



- Exam weeks: Practice Exams will be given/solved.


- Homeworks: There are weekly homework sets.


- Resources: Lecture/Homework problems and solutions will be available on the course management system.