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Computer Science Instructional Coordinator: Develop instructional material and coordinate educational content of Star League's computer science program including program pertaining to the International Olympiad Program and other computer science contests. Plan and conduct training of the computer science program materials dealing with Star League's computer science curriculum development, use of materials and equipment and implementation of computer science programs. Research, evaluate and recommend improvement to the computer science program. Collect and maintain data relevant to Star League's computer science program and Computer Science Olympiad contests to assess the use of the program curriculum and materials and facilitate its development. Prepare written materials in the form of analysis, reports, memos, letters, etc. to document the existing activities providing written reference and conveying information. Assess curriculum, assessment materials and methodologies for enhancement of the organization's computer science program. Provide instructional assistance and support by keeping abreast of educational developments and provide leadership to computer science instructors. Observe work of teaching staff to evaluate performance to recommend changes that could strengthen teaching skills.

Bachelor's degree in Comp Science, Comp Engineering or related field + 60 months of wok experience in computer teaching/coaching or in the job offered required.

Job is located in Santa Clara, CA.


For temporary summer camp jobs please visit this link: https://starleague.has-jobs.com