Champion student with gold medal

2016-17 Results

We have had a blessed year in return for our students' and teachers' hard work. They received numerous awards. Congratulations to all!

USAJMO Qualifier

Anivrit Subramaniam

AIME Qualifiers

Jessica Lee, Brendan Bryzcki,Neel Basu, Anivrit Subramaniam, Nyle Wong, Joshua Jang, Ryan Chen


Benjamin Chen - 7th place

AMC8 Perfect Scores

Andrew Pan, Joshua Jang

AMC12 Perfect Score

Benjamin Chen

MathCounts State (Southern California)

Neel Basu (2nd Place), Andrew Pan (5th Place), Anthony Tan (9th Place), Kevin Du (18th Place), Nicholas Ouyang (19th Place), Torrey Duan (22nd Place)

BMT (OC team)

Overall Rank: 16/86; Team Rank: 15/86

Individual Ranks:

Mike Bao: 16/427

Topics Ranks:

Dillon Kanne: 17/112 (Analysis); Mike Bao: 13/143 (Discrete); Jonathan Huang: 4/182 (Geometry)


Benjamin Chen (39th Place);

Math Day at the Beach

Benjamin Chen (1th Place); Phil Chen (3rdPlace), Ryan Chen (8th Place), Alvin Kim (10th Place)