Princeton University Math Competition Team 2018

PUMaC Results

Star League offers master math circle classes to train highly motivated students to join Star League teams. There are two levels: High School Math Circle (HSMC) and Middle School Math Circle (MSMC). HSMC aims to compete in HMMT, ARML, CHMMC, PUMaC and similar top level national competitions. MSMC Team is going to compete at MathCounts, Berkeley Middle school Math Tournament (BmMT), AMC10, and  similar other prestigous middle school competitions.


Last year Star League teams were among the finest in the nation. The HMMT team was one of the top 25 teams in more than a hundred well prepared teams around the world. At Berkeley Math Tournament they ranked 6th among about a hundred teams.


Recently (Nov 17th) Star League team attended the Princeton University Math Competition. The team members were: Michael Diao, Ankit Bisain, Edward Jin, Andrei Mandelshtam, Anivrit Subramaniam, Evan Ren, Christine Yang, Nyle Wong.


The Star League PUMaC team brought home great results: 4th pace in the Live Round5th place in the Team Round9th place overall among 50 top teams nationwide. We congratulate students, their families, and all teachers who contributed to their preparation.


Click here to see the Official Results.