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USACO Final Results

USA Computing Olympiad announced its finalists for the 2016-2017 season. 12 students have been invited to the USACO National Camp out of 26 finalists:

William Hu (perfect score), Eric Zhang (perfect score), Swapnil Garg, William Luo

The following students are promoted to USACO Platinum division in this contest:

Lyron Co Ting Keh (perfect score), Timothy Poon (perfect score), Tyler Zhu, Vinayak Kumar, Ayush Agarwal, Anne Ouyang, Zachary Deng, Blair Chen, Rionna Flynn, Daniel Wang, Caroline Chen, Rachit Sharma, Andrew Kan

Nine of the 12 students invited from California are or were enrolled at Star League courses. 

Andrew Yang, Brandon Wang, David Hu, Eric Zhang, Grace Cai, Jason Zhao, Kyle Liu, Riya Arora, Stan Zhang, Swapnil Garg, William Hu, William Luo

We congratulate their remarkable achievement. For the complete list of the finalists please visit http://usaco.org/index.php?page=finalists17. The USACO National Camp will be hosted between May 25-June 3. At the end of the camp, top four finalists will be selected to represent USA at the International Olympiads in Informatics in Iran.

The last contest of USACO, US Open contest was held on March 10-13. Congratulations to alumni William Hu and Daniel Chiu for being national champions (with perfect score). Additionally, alumni Andrew Yang, David Hu and Kyle Liu was able to get in top-10 in US. Currently there are 94 students in USACO Platinum division among about 200 students in US.

The following students are promoted to the Platinum Division:

Eric Wang, Jerry Chen, Patrick Wang, Richard Liu, Shaya Zarkesh, Zachary Chen

We congratulate all of our students who participated in the contest. For detailed information on results, problems, solutions and datasets, see USACO website: http://usaco.org/index.php?page=open17results.