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USACO Mock Contest

Looking forward, Star League Mock Contests will available for students seeking preparation for this year's contests. The October contest is between Oct. 19-22. Registration is free. Wait list students can take the test after the window.

If you already participated at one one of our events or exams before, you can just login your student account at Star League Online and self enroll into the Mock Contest Course. If you are new, please take a moment to register as mock contest capacity is limited. After the registration, in a few days you will receive your account information for SLOnline to self enroll yourself into the appropriate course. We kindly request that you enroll only the test that you will actually take as the capacity is limited. You can self enroll and view the questions of other levels once the test taking window is closed. 

Top 10 in each category (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) will receive T-shirts and/or gift cards.

Results will be published on Oct 26. For each level there will be a free problem solving webinar after the results publicized.