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USACO Promotions

The USACO holds periodic web-based contests during the academic year. Participation is free and open to all. Contests are offered in four divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All participants start in the bronze division, and those who score particularly well in a contest will be promoted to the next division. The following is a compilation of the promotions of Star League students.


Joanna F., Eric W., Byron J., Eric M., Sejal R., Dennis D.,William X., Yanhua L., Anthony W., Jeffrey W., Andrew W., Eric C., David L., Larry X., Aryan G., Winston L., Jerry X., Andy X., Jevin L., Kevin L., Minki S., Joseph D., Jason L., Jason Y., Enoch L., Colin L., Annie C., Raghav R.


Rishi V.,Pranay T., George W., Eric M., Sejal R., William X., Luca M., Janice Y., Siddharth D., Jeffrey W., Aria L., Wesley Z., Eric C., David L., Evan W., Andrew C., Anne L., Brandon H., Albert X., Joseph D., Jason Y., Raghav R., Larry X.


Rishi V., Robin H., Kevin Liu, Brad Z.

We congratulate their remarkable achievement. Detailed information about the contest and the results may be found at the USACO website.