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College Counseling


College and Career Counseling

As mentioned, the cornerstone of our SAT program is our free college and career counseling. We work closely with you to help plan and execute an appropriate and effective college application experience. We will provide assistance in developing your college application list, organizing and compiling your applications, writing your personal statements and college essays, gathering information on scholarships and/or financial aid, making a college choice, and even transitioning to college. We offer a full spectrum of college counseling, including individual meetings with students and their parents, workshops for students and parents, and advice regarding college visits and admission interviews.

College Essays and Personal Statements

Writing a college application essay is very different from writing essays for your high school courses. In the College Essay course, we will teach you about these fundamental differences, and show you how to develop and express your most imaginative ideas in an impressive way. Furthermore, our College Essay course will show teach you how to emphasize your achievements to make you an ideal and irresistible candidate for college admissions officers.


We will help you with every step of your college and financial applications, which can often be an intimidating or challenging process.