USACO Bronze

USACO Bronze consists of a single course distributed over three terms (Fall, Spring, Summer). Weekly classes must be taken in order (Fall then Spring). Summer Camp is equivalent to both semesters taken together and covers the full curriculum.
Typical Grades
8-10; Preparation takes about 1 years.
Target Competitions
USACO Bronze
Completion of Algebra or equivalent math background. 
To qualify for next level (USACO Silver) .
Weekly classes are two semester long courses taken in the Fall and Spring terms. Each course is 12-weeks of 2 hours class time. When both courses are taken, essential curriculum for this level is covered. There are two weeks where students take exams and solutions are reviewed for practice.
Summer Camp is equivalent to both semester courses taken together.
 Variables and Operators, Conditionals, Loops, Arrays, Strings, Functions, Files, USACO Bronze Problems
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Course Details
Schedule See camp page.
Dates Jul. 09 - Jul. 27