USACO Platinum

USACO Platinum consists of several courses distributed over four terms (Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter). Weekly classes may be be taken in any order.
Typical Grades
10-12; Preparation takes about 1-2 years.
Target Competitions
USACO Platinum 
Qualified for USACO Platinum or completed USACO Gold. 
To qualify for national team camp.
Weekly classes are two semester long courses taken in the Fall and Spring terms. Each course is 12-weeks of 2 hours class time. When both courses are taken, essential curriculum for this level is covered. There are two weeks where students take exams and solutions are reviewed for practice.
Summer Camp is strongly recommended for all students and it covers curriculum of both fall and spring courses.
Winter camp is recommended for all students. Its content is adapted based on students' needs.
This level offers two courses which must be take in order. A general class and a problem solving (PS) class. The general class will consists of lectures as well as basic to medium problems. The PS class will focus on hard problems of the level without lectures and is recommended for advanced students who can consistently solve at least one problem at this level contests. The topics are as follows: Advanced Dynamic Programming, Prefix Sum, Segment Tree, Segment Tree with Lazy Propagation, Range Minimum Query (RMQ), Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA), Heavy-Light Decomposition, Square Root Decomposition, Heap with Update, Shortest Path, Minimum Spaning Tree, Euler Tour, Belman Ford, Tarjan's Strongly Connected Component (SCC), All Pairs Shortest Path, Matrix Exponentiation, Max Flow, Max Flow Min Cut, Konig Theorem, Rabin Karp, Knuth Morris Pratt (KMP), Suffix Array, Min Max, A*, Hill Climbing 
Recommended Sequence
Take the Fall semester course and then take the Problem Solving (PS) class in the Winter Term.
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USACO Platinum - Recorded/Self Paced
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