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Gauss Master Class

Gauss Master Class is Free but Invitational! It prepares individuals and teams for prestigious high school math competitions such as Harvard MIT Math Tournament, Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition, Princeton Math Competition, and Berkeley Math Tournament. In the past, A-Star teams have ranked 1st place at CHMMC (four times), 1st place at PUMaC, and 2nd place at HMMT (twice). Please see achievement page below for more details about past results.


The Class will meet 10 times September through April. In addition, there will be optional gatherings on some Saturdays for mock exams and day camps in preparation for upcoming competitions.



Target Math Competitions:         HMMT, CHMMC, PUMaC, BMT

Target Grades:                             9-12

Who should take this course:    This course is invitational only. Eligibility Criteria: USAJMO/USAMO qualification in the past.


Free (but Invitational)



More Information

Harvard MIT Math Tournament (HMMT November/February/Online) http://web.mit.edu/hmmt/www/

Princeton University Math Competition (PUMaC) https://pumac.princeton.edu/

Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition (CHMMC) http://chmmc.caltech.edu/

Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT) http://bmt.berkeley.edu/