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Fatih Gelgi, Ph.D. (A-Star Program Coordinator)

USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Coach, 2006 - 2014
Ph.D, Computer Science, Arizona State University, 2007
International Olympiad in Informatics (1999 Bronze)
Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (1998, 1999)



Dr. Ali Gurel

Ali Gurel, Ph.D. (Bay Area Math Coordinator)

USA Math Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP) Instructor, 2007-2012
American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 8, 10,12) Advisory Panel Member
Ph.D., Mathematics, Caltech, 2008
Scott Russell Johnson Prize for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, Caltech, 2007
International Mathematical Olympiad (1996 Silver)



Ali E. Ersoz

20 years of experience in Gifted Math Teaching
10 years of MathCounts Coaching
California fully credentialed Math teacher



Mehmet Kaysi (Orange County Math Coordinator)

American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) Problem Writing Committee, 2011-2014
Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad - USA Team Leader, 2013
Balkan Mathematical Olympiad – Academic Assistant, 2012
International Mathematical Olympiad, 2004
Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, 2004 (Silver)


Rajiv Movva

Coach of Harker MATHCOUNTS (2015: 3rd in CA)
AMC 10 Perfect Scorer (2015)
MATHCOUNTS Nationals Team Champion (2014)
MATHCOUNTS CA State 2nd, Individual; 1st, Team (2014)
SMT 2nd, Team (2015)
CHMMC 3rd, Team (2014)
Broadcom MASTERS 1st, Math (2014)
USACO Silver (2015)
Met President Obama (2014)


Emily Cai

Emily Cai

USAMO Qualifier (2015)
USAJMO Qualifier (2013)
BAMO Grand Prize Winner (2014)
Homestead High School Math Club President (2014-present)



Alper Halbutogullari, Ph.D.

Head of Local Intelligence at Groupon
Ph.D., Cryptography, Oregon State University, 1998
MS, Carnegie Mellon University, 1996
International Mathematical Olympiad Jury Member, 1993
International Mathematical Olympiad (1988 Bronze)

andrew lin

Andrew Lin

USAJMO Qualifier (2014-2015)
AIME Qualifier (2012-2015)
MathCounts Santa Clara Valley Chapter - 1st Individual (2014), 1st Team (2013-2014)
MathCounts State - 6th Individual (2013-2014)
Miller Middle School MathCounts Team Coach (2015)


Ho Chung Siu

PhD in Mathematics, Stanford University
International Math Olympiad (2005 Silver)
Asia Pacific Math Olympiad (2005 Gold)
China Math Olympiad (2005 Bronze)


Omer Kilavuz, Ph.D

Software Engineer at Cisco
Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering  Department, University of Nevada- Reno (2013)
International Olympiad in Informatics (2001 Bronze)
Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (2001)


Ashwath Thirumalai

MIT Class of 2019
2012, 2013 MOSP Qualifier
USAJMO Qualifier (2011, 2012)
USAJMO Winner (2012)
USAMO Qualifier (2013)
BAMO First Prize Winner (2011, 2013)



Kai-Siang Ang

SCU High School Math Contest 2nd place (2014)
A-Star Math Tournament 2nd place team (2014)
Purple Comet Math Meet 1st place team (2014)
USACO silver contestant (2014)
USAJMO qualifier (2013-2014)
Vice President of Harker Math Club (2014-2015)

larry zhang2

Larry Zhang

Harvard Class of 2018, Computer Science
USAMO Qualifier (2012-2013)
USAJMO Qualifier (2010)
MathCounts Southern California Champion (2010)
USA Physics Olympiad Bronze Medalist 2012-2014
Southern California ARML Co-Captain

lazar ilic

Lazar Ilic

USAMO Qualifier (2013,2015,2016)
Siemens Regional Semifinalist (2015)
USAMTS Perfect Score (2014)
USAPhO Semifinalist (2016)
HMMT 6th Combinatorics (2014)
National MathCounts 13th (2012)


Jonathan Huang

6 time USA(J)MO Qualifier
USACO Gold Division (2015, 2016)
ARML: 3rd place team (2015)
HMMT: 3rd place team (2013)
CHMMC: 3rd place team (2013, 2015)
National MathCounts California Team member in 2012
Southern California Mathcounts written round 2nd place (2012)

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Eugene Chen

MIT Class of 2017
MOSP Qualifier (2012)
USAMO Qualifier (2011, 2012, 2013)
USACO Gold Contestant (2012 - 2013)
MathCounts National 1st place team 2010


Tiancheng Qin

MOP Participant (2014)
USAJMO Winner (2014)
USAJMO HM (2013)
AMC 10 Perfect Scorer (2014)
BMT 4th Individual, 3rd Geometry (2014)
ARML 1st Place Team (2013)


Tomas Choi

USAMO qualifier (2014, 2015)
USAPhO semifinalist (2015)
CHMMC 9th and 4th Individual (2013, 2014)
CHMMC 1st place team (2014)
ARML Local individual winner (2014)
ARML 4th place team (2013)
SMT first place team (2013)
Swimmer (2003 - present)
High School Varsity Team (2013 to present)


Sukru Tikves

Software Engineer at Google
Ph.D. Program, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Arizona State University (2007 - present)
International Olympiad in Informatics (1997 Silver, 1998 Silver, 1999 Silver)
Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (1997 Bronze, 1998 Bronze, 1999 Bronze)

photo-swapnil garg

Swapnil Garg

Harker Class of 2018
USACO Platinum Contestant
USACO Finalist (2016)
NACLO Invitational Participant (2015-2016)
MOSP Participant (2016)
USA(J)MO Qualifier (2012-2016)
USAPhO Gold Medal (2016)
PuMAC Combinatorics 5th Place (2016)
HMMT Invitational 20th Place (2016)
CHMMC Individual 2nd Place (2015)
PuMAC Algebra (2015)
AMC 10 Perfect Scorer (2013-2014)
National Mathcounts Champion (2014)
National Mathcounts CA Team (2013-2014)

richard spence

Richard Spence

- MIT Class of 2016, majoring in Mathematics w/ CS
- USAMO qualifier (2010)
- Natl. "Who Wants to Be a Mathematician" qualifier (2011, 2012)
- Perfect score on AMC 10 (2009)
- 2011 Natl. Scrabble Championship winner (Div. 2).

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Iurie Boreico

Ph.D. Program, Mathematics, Stanford University
BA, Harvard University, 2011
Balkan Math Olympiad (2003-2005 Silver, 2006-2007 Gold)
International Math Olympiad (2003 Silver, 2004 Gold, 2005 Gold, 2006 Gold, 2007 Silver)


Jafar Jafarov

PhD Program, Mathematics, Stanford University
International Mathematical Olympiad (2005 HM, 2006 Silver, 2007 Bronze)
Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (2007 Gold)
International Mathematical Olympiad - Deputy Leader of Azerbaijan team (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)


Jamie Gu

UC Berkeley Class of 2020, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
University High School (Irvine) Math Club President (2015-2016)
USAMO Qualifier (2015, 2016)
USAPhO Semifinalist (2015)
CHMMC 3rd place team (2015)
Math Day at the Beach 1st place team (2015, 2016)
ARML 3rd place team (2015)
Online Math Open 1st place team (spring 2016)


Jeffrey Zhang

BA in Computer Science, UC Berkeley
AIME qualifier
Hart Middle School Mathcounts coach



Zarathustra Brady (aka Zeb)

Ph.D. Program, Mathematics, Stanford University
BA, Caltech, 2012
USA Math Olympiad Summer Program instructor (MOSP), 2008, 2010
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest - World Finals (2008)
International Mathematical Olympiad (2006 Gold)


Metehan Ozsoy

MS Program, Computer Science, CalState University - Long Beach
MA, Mathematics, University of California - Irvine (2013)
International Mathematical Olympiad (2005 Bronze, 2006 Silver)

meghal gupta

Meghal Gupta

Math Olympiad Summer Program Attendee (2012, 2014, 2015)
Team Selection Group for IMO 2016
European Girls Math Olympiad 2015 Silver Medalist
Math Prize For Girls Olympiad Gold Medalist (2013, 2015)
USA(J)MO Qualifier (2012-2015)
AMC 10 Perfect Score 2014


Omer Tekin

Ph.D. Program, Mathematics, University of California – Los Angeles
International Mathematical (2008 Gold)
Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (2008 Gold)