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A-STAR program offers courses and camps in math and computer science. Each course prepare students to compete at targeted competition of the course taken. By competing in such competitions, students will have a chance to differentiate themselves from other applicants when applying for a highly selective college. Our program is one of the best! See achievements of our students here.

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USACO February’15 Results

USACO February contest was held on February 20-23. Some of the achievement highlights of A-Star students and alumni are as follows:

  • Demi Guo (only perfect scorer in USA), Tony Wang, Kevin Liu, Lawrence Li and Andrew He ranked in top-10 in the Gold division.
  • Wilson Wu (perfect score), Shashwat Kishore, Michael Wan and Catherine Wu are promoted to the Gold division.
  • Anik Gupta (perfect score), Avichal Goel (perfect score), Neeraj Aggarwal (perfect score), Kevin Cao (perfect score), Kyle Cui, Shyam Karthick Ravikumar, Lili Sun, Meilinda Sun, Jason Chang, Jessica Zhu, Benjamin Owens, Christopher Hou, Mahesh Murag, Michael Chen, Raymond Zhou, Anindit Gopalakrishnan, Andrew Cui, Carol Wang, Jonathan Huang, Bryan Owens, Neil Palleti, Sidharth Kulkarni, Daniel Yang, Handong Wang, Daniel Zhang, Jonathan Yang, Andrew Kan, Howard Tang, Manish Kondapolu, Deven Navani, Jerry Chen, Jonathan Pan, Sang Gi Kim and Dorrie Tang are promoted to the Silver Division.

As A-Star team, we congratulate all our students who participated in the contest. The last contest US Open will be on April 3-6. For detailed information on results, problems, solutions and datasets, see USACO website:


HMMT 2015 Results

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT) 2015 was held on February 21st at MIT Campus. More than 600 students participated representing 90 national and international teams. A-Star students had campus tours for both MIT and Harvard campuses, visited Dr. Vakkasoglu and his lab from Harvard Biology Department. Also, around 15 A-Star Alumni from MIT and Harvard joined traditional HMMT A-Star Alumni gathering at Dunkin Donuts at MIT Student Center.


Photo: at A-Star alumni gathering

After a series of individual and team exams, A-Star Air team ranked 2nd team and won the Teams round of the competition. A-Star student, Andrew He, ranked 1st place individual. 16 A-Star students, alumni and faculty ranked in top 50 individuals.

You may find results at

Photo: Group photo after award ceremony

Sweepstakes (team overall):
2nd place - Star League A-Star Air

Team Round:
1st place, Star League A-Star Air

Guts Round:
2nd place, Star League A-Star Air

Individual (overall top 50) :
1st Andrew He (A-Star Air)
3rd David Stoner (Columbia Math Circle)
6th Zhuoqun (Alex) Song (PEARL)
8th Scott Wu (A-Star Air)
9th Alec Sun (PEARL)
10th Danielle Wang (A-Star Air)
15th James Lin (PEARL)
16th Ashwath Thirumalai (A-Star Air)
18th Sean Shi (A-Star Air)
27th Kevin Chang (A-Star Earth)
29th Rachel Zhang (Misery)
30th Brian Gu (Washington Gold)
31st James Shi (A-Star Fire)
35th Saranesh Prembabu (A-Star Air)
41st Shashwat Kishore (Lehigh Valley Fire)
46th Alexander Whatley (Texas Horned Toads)

MathCounts Logo

MathCounts Santa Clara Chapter Results

MathCounts Santa Clara Chapter Competitions took place on February 7th at San Jose State University. 404 students from 48 schools participated. Miller Middle School won the team competition third year in a row. Michael Wang from Kennedy Middle School won the written competition and Stan Zhang from Magnolia Science Academy won the countdown competition.
You can find more information about the results at

Below is A-Star students in top 10:
1st - Michael Wang
2nd - David Hu
3rd (tied) - Eric Huang
3rd (tied) - Stanley Wang
8th - Jacob Nie
9th - Stan Zhang
10th - Rohan Cutinha

35 students were invited to MathCounts Northern California Competition which will be held on Saturday March 21st at Stanford University.

mathcounts training-state-2015

photo: MathCounts 2015 Nationals Champion Swapnil Garg’s talk

A-Star students from various schools qualified for State competition were invited to an A-Star training session on February 15th. They practiced for individual and team rounds and had a countdown round practice for fun. Swapnil Garg, 2015 MathCounts Nationals Champion, and David Zhu, 2014 MathCounts Nationals quarter-finalist, joined the training and talked to students about their experiences from State and National competitions.

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Dr. Ali Gurel’s Talk at Google

A-Star Math Faculty Dr. Ali Gürel gave a talk at Google main campus in Mountain View on February 19th on “Competitive Mathematics and Problem Solving”.

The talk was about some prestigious nationwide math competitions such as MathCounts and American Mathematics Competitions: Their goals, history and why it is important to participate in these competitions. Around 50 people joined the talk on campus and more joined from other Google campuses via remote conferencing system. The talk ended with a problem solving marathon, a fun challenge for the audience where they could enter and see answers live.



MagMar Math Competition Announced

The Mission San Jose High School Math Club is proud to run MagMaR, a middle school math competition for motivated math competitors in the Bay Area from 6th to 8th grade. The contest introduces a unique contest format and an appealing theme to traditional math competitions.

What: A math tournament with a unique flavor
Who: Students in 6th to 8th grade, in teams of up to 5
Where: Magnolia Science Academy in Santa Clara. Address is: 2720 Sonoma Place, Santa Clara, CA 95051
When: On Sunday March 22, 2015, from 9:00 to 3:30
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more details, see: