Math Summer Camp Bay Area (Cupertino, CA)

Each day consists of four 90-minutes meetings of number theory, geometry, algebra, and combinatorics. Students are introduced and then guided to solve challenging problems related to these main topics. They will also take part in practice individual and/or team exams during the program. Residential students have also evening and weekend study times.
Courses & Registration:
PreMathCountsMathCounts/AMC 8, AMC 10-12,
Cupertino, CA (Session I)
Session I: June 18 - July 6 (15 days, Mon-Fri)
Student drop-off
Student pick-up
Day Camp Regular Tuition:
$2,400 (Lunch is included)
Early Bird:
$2,250 on or before April 1st
Achievement, Sibling, Multiple Camp, Current Student, Referral discounts are available. Use respective coupon codes to get the discount at the checkout page.
Early Bird :
$150 (until April 1st)
Current Student :
$100 (Attended one or more weekly classes or camps since Fall-16 Term) [Coupon Code: current-student]
Sibling Discount:
Multi-camp Discount:
Group Discount:
$100/student (10 or more registrations)
Achievement Discount $25:
MathCounts School Team Members [Coupon Code: mc-school-team], AMC 10 Achievement Roll [Coupon Code: amc10-achievement-roll]
Achievement Discount $50:
Pi Math Contest Winners [Coupon Code: pimc-winner], MathCounts State Competition Participant [Coupon Code: mc-state-participant], AMC 8 Achievement Roll [Coupon Code: amc8-achievement], AMC 8 Honor Roll [Coupon Code: amc8-honor-roll], AMC 10 Honor Roll [Coupon Code: amc10-honor-roll]
Achievement Discount $75:
AMC 8 Distinguished Honor Roll [Coupon Code: amc8-distinguished], AMC 10 Distinguished Honor Roll [Coupon Code: amc10-distinguished], MathCounts State Top 25% [Coupon Code: mc-state-top25]
Achievement Discount $100:
AMC 8 Perfect Score [Coupon Code: amc8-perfect], AMC 10 Perfect Score [Coupon Code: amc10-perfect]

* Discounts may be combined up to a maximum of $300.00. All discounts are subject to verification.

Call us for placement help if you are new to the program or not sure about the levels.
Typical arrival and departure times are as follows. Contact us if the following don't work for you.
Day Camp Check-in:
First day of session; 8:30AM
Day Camp Check-out:
Last day of session; 5:00PM