Rigorous Math, USACO, and Physics Camps in a Fun and Safe Environment

Teacher and one student enjoys learning.

Small Ratio and Size

We are committed to the success of each student with individual attention. We keep our instructor/student ratio at one to ten. If student number is more than ten, a second instructor is added up to a maximum of 18 students in a classroom. We also deliberately maintain the total number of students at each location at about 100 in order to ensure safety and quality of service. Your child will not be lost in the crowd at our camps.

Skilled and knowledgable teachers smile.

Skilled & Knowledgable Teachers

We believe it is important for instructors to have the knowledge and skills to teach. We employ experienced teachers or coaches with a degree in a related field for classes with younger students and hire national and/or international winners or university professors for advanced level classes. Our academic coordinators provide guidance for faculty on an ongoing basis during the camps to maintain maximum learning for all.

Winning student with medal.

Rigorous Curriculum

We employ vast number of former national and international olympiads winners to develop and evaluate our curriculum to be used at our camps and year round courses. Our curriculum is continually updated with latest questions and concepts from the target competitions according to the most recent trends. Check out our teachers page to see current and recent hires` short bios and achievements.

Data Science Drawing

2018 Winter Camps

Winter camps are effective and fun. You will learn a lot, practice intensely, and be ready in no time before spring exams.


Summer USAPhO Physics Camps

USAPhO Physics camps help eligible contestants hone their problem solving skills.


Summer USACO Camps

Computer Science camps help USACO contestants to hone their algorithmic skills.


Summer Math Camps

These camps are designed to challenge motivated students to the next level in their mathematics journey.


2017 Winter Camps

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2017 Summer Camps

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