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About Us

Camps, Courses, Tutoring. Oh My!

Star League evaluates, trains and guides students with expert instructors in a fun and challenging environment to improve their problem solving skills in Math, Computer Science, and Physics.

Star League was established in 2013. It grew quickly due to its success. In a few years, it was able to serve close to five hundred students in multiple locations across the country. It also started its online services in 2015 by offering math classes initially. Since 2017, online courses include computer science as well.

We paused our in-person classes and camps in North and South California due to pandemic. We hope that we will get back to our normal operations in the near future. Until then we will continue to offer online courses and camps.


What Parents and Students Think about our Programs?

Leader in Comprehensive Academic Summer Camps


Established 2013

Since early last decade, we have been running summer camps across the country mainly in the West Coast but also in Boston and New York too! 

Experienced Teachers

We only employ qualified and experienced teachers. Most of them are participants and champions of the target competitions of their subjects worldwide.

Rigorous & Comprehensive

Our curriculum is kept up to date by world champions to withstand the rigor of target competitions. The coursework presents all that is needed and more.  

Online Pre COVID-19

We are experts in online learning. We started out in 2015 ,and have been continually improving our technology and practices to meet the needs of our students.  

Hands on Learning

Withiut practice, learning new and intensive material can be unrewarding. Our summer camp daily programs include interactive practice time led by student interest and needs.  


Most of our teachers are not only subject matter expert but also experienced academic competition coaches. They will answer your guidance questions too.  

Early Access

We provide early access to the camp coursework so students can start studying in advance. That way, student's interaction with teacher will be optimized.

Small Size

We keep our instructor/student ratio at about one to tewelve. If student number is more than 12, a second instructor is added up to a max of eighteen  students