Earn AMC 8 and MathCounts awards! Start early to set a strong foundation for success in high school STEM courses and olympiads.

The AMC 8 | MATHCOUNTS training program introduces the exciting world of competition math to interested students. It also lays a strong foundation for future success in high school math courses. It consists of Basic level subject courses and several Advanced modules that build upon the Basic concepts. Students who successfully complete this program will qualify for Honors in AMC 8 contest and advance to State level in MATHCOUNTS.

Even if you're not into competitive programming, this training program could still be perfect for you. The classes are designed to boost your problem-solving and critical thinking skills—key strengths for excelling in high school STEM courses.

During each session, students engage in lectures covering new topics, followed by solving in class exercises. Homework problems are assigned to reinforce learning, with automatic grading provided through the Star League Online Portal (SLOnline).

The training program follows a structured sequence of modules, each loosely building upon the concepts introduced in the preceding module. So they are recommended to be taken in the presented order. However, the order is not strictly required among the foundational subject modules.





Basic Counting and Probability


Number Theory


Advanced Part I


Advanced Part II


Earn National Recognitions

Also fortify yourself for high school STEM courses.

If your level does not fit into the cases below, contact us for a complimentary evaluation assistance.
For New Students

If you are new to competition math start from the first module, Algebra and work way through the sequence of modules. If you already took AMC 8 exam and scored between 10-14, again the Basic sequence is recommended.

Students with Strong Background

If you scored 16+ on AMC 8 or 25+ on MATHCOUNTS Chapter, and you already took Algebra and Geometry, you can start with the Advanced sequence.

for 15 lessons
per hour.
Includes pdf course materials or textbook. Promotions are calculated and shown in the cart. Lessons are 90.00 minutes long.
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5 Meetings

Mon - Fri

8:00am - 1:00pm

Daily 5 Hours.

Jul. 1st - Jul. 5th

Total 25 Hours

America/Los_Angeles (PDT)

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