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Year Round Basic Part II

If you are new to competitive math at the middle school level and have already completed a Prealgebra course and Part I (or an equivalent), this course is the door to an exciting math world that is not taught in schools. 

This course is combination of topics from the subjects of Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, and Counting. Each week students will study a new topic from one of the subjects. See curriculum details below in the Curriculum tab.

To register, students must be able to solve at least 10 problems at a recent AMC 8 exam.

Each class start with a brief lecture that includes example problems. Afterwards, a set of related problems appeared in AMC 8, MathCounts, or similar contests are interactively discussed and then explained by the instructor. Students are expected to study the remaining problems as homework. Solutions are provided.

During the optional office hours students get individual help about challenging concepts they encounter during their study of the course material.

2023 Spring
Mon 23 Jan
Mon 24 Apr
Math Live Interactive
12 Weekly Meetings. (Mondays )
Jan. 23rd to Apr. 24th
Between 4:00pm and 6:00pm
America/Los_Angeles (PST)
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This Course Features
  • Live Interactive Instruction
  • Highly Experienced World Champion Teachers
  • Proven Curriculum for AMC 8/MathCounts Preparation
  • Optional Live Office Hours
  • 24 Hours of Lecture and Problem Solving
  • Lectures are Recorded and Accessible After Each Class
  • Progress Check with Midterm and Final Exams
  • Solutions to All Course Problems Included
  • Minimum One Year Access to Course Materials
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Gaygysyz Hojanazarov
World Champion (IMO Bronze)
Kamal Hojanazarov
+10 Years Teaching Experience
01Modular Arithmetics
02Geometry: Length
04Geometry: Area
05Rates, Proportionality
06Pascal Triangle
07Analytic Geometry
0A3D Geometry
0CElementary Probability
04:00 pm Lecture120 minutes
Times shown are in Pacific Time Zone.

Completion of Prealgebra is required. Student must be able to solve at least 10 problems from a recent AMC 8 contest.

You can either take a published contests or take our Placement test here. First you will need to create an account for the student for the site. Please contact us if you encounter any difficulty.

Year-round classes are recommended for younger students. Year-round (YR) classes cover entire curriculum during the live discussion of weekly meetings. In contrast, in the Intensive (INT) version of the same course, selected portions of the curriculum are provided as recorded lectures in order to cover twice as much material in a week. Office hours are integral part of the Intensive classes. They are optional for the year-round classes. Year-round classes finish the level curriculum in two parts, where Part I is taken in the Fall and Part II is taken in the spring. However, Intensive courses finish the level curriculum in one semester.

If you need to take an Intensive course that is not available, you may want to take a self paced version bundled with live office hour.