Starting Early is the Key for Success in Physics

Introductory & Advanced Level Physics Training

In schools Physics is introduced very late. If you are interested in Physics competition, start early and complete F=ma as soon as possible.

We employ vast numbers of former national and international olympiads winners to develop and evaluate our curriculum to be used at our camps and year round courses. Our curriculum is continually updated with latest questions and concepts from the target competitions according to the most recent trends.

This course is an Algebra based first course on mechanics without complicated topics. So it is an ideal candidate for middle school students to enjoy Physics.

12 Lessons. ~50 hours.

AP Physics C

This course is focused on Mechanics with Calculus. It is the same as a college level freshmen physics course. It is the first step for a serious F=ma training.

12 Lessons. ~100 hours.

F=ma Problem Solving

This course is for students who already mastered the theory and ready to practice with quality questions. It also fully develops theory on Rotational Mechanics and SHO.

12 Lessons. ~100 hours.

USAPhO Semifinals

This course is a problem solving class covering Mechanics, EM, Thermodynamics, Optics, Fluids, and Modern Physics with brief theory when needed.

12 Lessons. ~120 hours.

Several Formats Offered to Choose From

There Is A Class That Fits Your Needs

Live Interactive

Live classes offer interaction with a real instructor across the virtual classroom. The best feature of this class is its fixed schedule that motivates students to study and get through the material.

Recorded / Self Paced

Recorded / Self Paced classes are exact replica of an actual class recently conducted. It is best if you have a busy schedule or in a hurry to accellerate learning.

Live Support Hybrid

Live Support Hybrid classes combine best of both types of classes. Students study the material in advance and then meet with the instructor to discuss their questions.

What Does a Lesson Look Like?

Lesson Format

Most lessons are about 2 hours each. Discussions are led by the class teacher with questions and input from students. All lessons are recorded. So you can watch the lesson to review a topic or if you miss the class.

Self Paced classes have access to the recorded videos as well as all related materials such as handouts, solutions, exercises, and exams. They also have teacher support through Virtual Office.

Homework Is Graded Automatically

How Is the Progress Measured?

Each lesson is accompanied with a number of practice questions assigned as homework. Students are expected to solve the problems and submit to the system for correction. The system checks the submission and provides feedback. After certain number of attempts solutions are revealed. 

Such submission activities are recorded and automatically graded. This helps students and parents to review their progress and identify the challenges ahead.

Percent Completed
Lesson 1 Quiz: Variables
Lesson 3: Unit Project
Final Exam
Additional Features

We Strive for Excellence

We have been educating top national winners since 2013. Our goal is to help your student achieve their goal as we have done so in the past. 

Award Winning Teachers

All of our teachers are trained and experienced in coaching gifted students for their respective level. They are either champions in rigorous national and internatinal competitions or trained students to win those awards. See our faculty bios for details.

Small Size

We are committed to the success of each student with individual attention. We keep our instructor/student ratio at about one to tewelve. If student number is more than twelve, a second instructor is added up to a maximum of 18 students in a classroom.

Practice Exams

Each class generally include several practice exams to improve students' test taking skills. Their solutions are fully provided in writing and as a lecture as part of the course curriculum. We also offer Mock Exams during the year with fresh questions.

Offline Support & Collaboration

Students can post their questions in the Virtual Office discussion forums. Teachers generally respond in writing in a day. Students may respond as well. Students may hold impromtu live meetings to collaborate as well through the conferencing technology provided.

Placement Guidance

Give us a call or email us to help you find the right course and answer your questions about the competitions for free.

One Full Year Access

At a minimum you will get one academic year access to your courses. If you need more time, just let us know.

Free Trial

Most classes offer 24 hours cancellation policy with Full Refund. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Free Events

Currently registered students are automatically registered to take part in activities such as mock exams and contest review sessions.

Eligibility & Placement

The main prerequisite for physics training is math. A minimum of Algebra I is required for the Intro class. Calculus is required for other courses. The required portion of Calculus is not extensive. A proper understanding of concepts suh as limit, derivative, and integrals are sufficient. Extensive practice with such problems is not necessary. For F=ma class, student must be able to solve at least 10 questions on a recent F=ma exam. USAPhO class is for qualifiers who studied the relevant theory and ready to tackle challenging problems.

Learning Options

If you caught the live class schedule in time and are not in a hurry then Live Class option is the recommended way. If a live class is not available then we recommend the Self Paced option. This option is also best for upper grade students who need acceleration or students with busy schedules. During winter, summer time, and other academic breaks live classes are offered with intensive schedules ("camp"). Camps offer the most practice time with teachers. As such camps, especially summer camps, are the best option for most students.

Custom Instruction Per Your Unique Needs

Private Tutoring

Sometimes one-to-one or small group private instruction is required to meet the demands of accelaration or busy schedules. We offer tailored instruction per your group needs. Contact us for setting up a no-committment trial class with one of our top notch instructors.


Please note that number of lessons are not the same as the number of topics. This is because some topics are discussed over multiple lessons. Also sometimes there are mixed review of multiple topics.

Intro to Mechanics

Newton's Laws
Constant Accelaration Kinematics
Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, and Conservation Laws
Momentum and Collisions
Universal Gravitation and Kepler's Laws

F=ma Basic/AP Physics C

Background Math: Vectors, Trigonometry, Calculus
Newton's Laws
Rotational Kinematics
Rotational Dynamics

USAPhO Semifinals

Electricity and Magnetism
Optics and Waves
Special Relativity
Modern Physics

Schedule & Registration Options

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Physics Self Study Options

Physics Live Class Options

Live Interactive | 2023 Fall
Intensive F=ma Basic/AP
12 Weekly Meetings. (Fridays )
Sep. 15th to Dec. 15th
Between 4:30pm and 6:00pm
America/Los_Angeles (PDT)