You can begin with an Algebra based class and expand as your math skills improve. You can train for F=ma, USAPhO or AP Physics.

The Physics training program is designed to cater to students at all levels, from those just beginning their journey into physics to those preparing for Physics Olympiads. Each course is tailored to meet specific needs on a progressively challenging scale.

The program consists of Basic and Advanced modules to lay the theoretical ground work, and a Problem Solving module to excel in the F=ma exam. Students who successfully complete this program will qualify for the USAPhO Semifinals.

If your focus is AP Physics preparation, take Basic and Advanced modules to ensure top success in the AP course and the exam.

During each session, students engage in lectures covering new topics, followed by solving in class exercises. OpenStax textbooks are used as reference materials. Most problems are selected from well known college textbooks, olympiad antologies, and past F=ma exams.

Students who qualify for the USAPhO Semifinals are encouraged to contact us for one-on-one coaching. Unlike other academic olympiads, the USAPhO Semifinals require significantly broader theoretical knowledge compared to the qualification round, which is the F=ma exam. As a result, a customized learning plan is essential for a successful attempt at the USAPhO exam.

The training program is organized in a structured sequence, with each module building on the concepts from the previous one. Therefore, they should be taken in the order presented. However, the Physics I module is not required. It's an optional module designed for middle school and junior high school students to familiarize themselves with the subject.

Physics I

Optional Algebra based intro course.

F=ma Basic or AP Physics C Mechanics


F=ma Advanced

Recommended for AP Physics. Required for F=ma.

F=ma Problem Solving

Required for F=ma.

Qualify for USAPhO Semifinals

Also ace the AP Physics (Mechanics)

If your level does not fit into the cases below, contact us for a complimentary evaluation assistance.
Students with no Previous Physics Coursework

For students with no Calculus skills, Physics I is recommended for an introduction to the subject. If you have basic Calculus skills you can directly take F=ma Basic (or its equivalent Physics C Mechanics). You can also take F=ma Basic (or its equivalent Physics C Mechanics) while you are taking AP Physics C Mechanics at school.

Students Completed AP Physics C Mechanics

You should start with F=ma Advanced module and then take the Problem Solving.

F=ma Basic
for 20 lessons
per hour.
Includes pdf course materials or textbook. Promotions are calculated and shown in the cart. Lessons are 90.00 minutes long.
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10 Meetings

Mon - Fri

4:30pm - 7:30pm

Daily 3 Hours.

Jun. 17th - Jun. 28th

Total 30 Hours

America/Los_Angeles (PDT)

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