Learn programming or improve your coding skills. Train for the USA Computing Olympiad and AP Computer Science.

The Intro and Intermediate programming classes of the Bronze training program introduce and enhance programming concepts for a chosen programming language from scratch. Building upon this foundation, the Problem Solving classes further develop students' skills to excel in the Bronze contest. Successful completion of the program exceeds the curricular requirements for passing the Bronze contest.

If you are not interested in competitive programming, you can still benefit from the programming classes for establishing a solid foundation in programming principles and techniques. Notably, the programming classes serve as excellent preparation for future courses such as AP Computer Science A.

Problem Solving classes are classes that help students master the problem solving skills necessary to pass the target exams. This is as opposed to the Foundation Classes where curriculum elements are systematically introduced from scratch. You can take any number of Problem Solving classes. However, you should observe their order as they feature increasingly harder problems.

Successfully completing the following modules ensures passing the USACO Bronze contest.
Intro to Programming


Intermediate Programming


Problem Solving A-B


Problem Solving C

Need Based

Pass USACO Bronze

Also ace in AP Computer Science A

If your level does not fit into the cases below, contact us for a complimentary evaluation assistance.
Intro to Programming

This class does not require a prior programming experience. However, student should be familiar with core Algebra concepts such as variables, equations, and functions.

Intermediate Programming

Ideally you have successfully completed Intro to Programming. Alternatively, you taught yourself basic programming concepts and can solve very easy Bronze problems already.

Problem Solving

You must have successfully completed both programming classes to begin Problem Solving classes. Problem Solving classes must be taken in order since they feature increasingly harder problems.

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Intro to Programming
for 20 lessons
per hour.
Includes pdf course materials or textbook. Promotions are calculated and shown in the cart. Lessons are 90.00 minutes long.
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