USACO Gold Part I

Gold level, in a sense, is the last step of USACO competition. Once student passes Gold level and becomes a Platinum level contestant, value of participation in the USACO contests increases exponentially. Needless to say it is proportionally challenging. It is recommended to dedicate at least two years for Gold training.

One must master a variety of advanced algorithms to pass this level. Star League Gold curriculum is twofold: Foundations courses (Part I and Part II) and Problem Solving. Foundations courses teaches the necessary algorithms. Although the course titles appear to be sequential, the Part I and Part II courses may be taken in either order. 

The class is language agnostic. Instructors use pseudo language when necessary to explain programming concepts. However, they are able to help both Java and C++ users when they need help. They also present necessary syntax and language constructs in Both Java and C++ when necessary.

One need not pass the Silver contest in order to take this course. However, student must have completed Silver training (Silver Part I, II, PS, and Mini Camp) to take this class by having solved all of the exercises and problems in the Silver courses.

Each class features lecture teaching the topic of the day and several past USACO problems or related exercise questions. After the presentation of a problem instructor demonstrates how to identify the need to use the content of the day's lecture and steers the students towards an acceptable solution through critical questions and hints. At the end the instructor wraps up the discussion and provides a clear solution that demonstrates the usefulness of the day's topic. Students are expected to implement their solution or the presented solution during the Practice time.

During the Practice hours of the day students will get individual help, such as for debugging, to implement the solutions. They will also be able to ask and get clarification about any challenging concepts they encounter during their coding practice.

Colorful Networked Strings
2022 Summer
Sat 11 Jun
Sat 2 Jul
Computer Science Online Camp
4 Weekly Meetings. (Saturdays )
Jun. 11th to Jul. 2nd
Between 8:00am and 3:00pm
America/Los_Angeles (PDT)
Schedule Conflict? Check out other options.
This Course Features
  • Live Interactive Instruction
  • Highly Experienced Teacher
  • Proven Curriculum for USACO Silver Preparation
  • 24 Hours of Immersive Teaching and Practice
  • Offline Help from Instructors After the Camp
  • Lectures are Recorded and Accessible After the Camp
  • Live Coding Exercises and Implementation Help
  • In Depth Discussion of Solutions
  • Online Instant Scoring for Code Submissions
  • Progress Check with Midterm and Final Exams
  • Minimum One Year Access to Course Materials
  • Hourly Rate is Equivalent to $25.00. Less With Discounts
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World Champion (IM Gold)
Pudak Nurberdiyev
+10 Years Teaching Experience
01Bit Manipulation
02Builtin Data Structures
03Disjoint Set Data Structure
04Binary Indexed Tree
05Introduction to Graph Data Structure
06Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)
07Shortest Path: BFS, Dijkstra,Bellman-Ford, Floyd-Warshall
08Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG)
09Tree Algorithms
08:00 am Lecture90 minutes
09:30 am Break15 minutes
09:45 am Practice90 minutes
11:15 am Lunch30 minutes
11:45 am Lecture90 minutes
01:15 pm Break15 minutes
01:30 pm Practice90 minutes
Times shown are in Pacific Time Zone.

The student must have finished Silver training (Silver Part I, II, PS, and Mini Camp) or past the Silver contest. If a student consistently can fully solve at least two problems at any Silver contest they can start Gold training with this course and keep practicing for Silver contest.

You can either take a published contest at the official USACO website ( or take our Placement test here. First you will need to create an account for the student for the respective site. Please contact us if you encounter any difficulty.