You're Already Distinguished at the Gold Level. Take the Challenge and Finish the Race!

Gold level, in a sense, is the final stage of the USACO contests. Once a student advances from Gold to Platinum, the value of participation in the USACO contests increases dramatically. Needless to say, the difficulty level also rises accordingly.

Our Gold training program is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the algorithms tested at the Gold level centered around Graph Theory and Dynamic Programming. It includes two foundational classes and series of problem-solving classes. The foundational classes cover core topics to equip students with a solid theoretical framework. The problem-solving classes focus on applying these concepts and building skills in selecting and implementing the right algorithms to solve complex problems.

During each session, students engage in lectures covering new topics, followed by solving past USACO problems or specially designed exercises. Homework assignments involve implementing solutions to further reinforce learning, with automatic code evaluation and feedback provided through the Star League Online Portal (SLOnline).

Successful completion of the Gold Training Program exceeds the curricular requirements to pass the Gold contest. The Foundations modules can be taken in any order. However, the Problem Solving modules should be taken in order.

Part I: Graph Theory


Part II: Dynamic Programming


Problem Solving A-C


Keep Practicing and Pass the Exam

Also Gain Admission to Your Dream University!

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Part I

Ideally you have passed the Silver exam already. Alternatively, if you successfully completed Silver Problem Solving III class or can solve more than two questions in a Silver exam, you can ease into Gold training with this class provided that you keep practicing for Silver contest.

Part II

Ideally you have completed Part I already, however, this is not strictly required. You can take this class before Part I.

Problem Solving

You must have successfully completed both Part I and Part II modules in full to begin Problem Solving series. Problem Solving classes must be taken in order since they feature increasingly harder problems.

Graph Theory
for 20 lessons
per hour.
Includes pdf course materials or textbook. Promotions are calculated and shown in the cart. Lessons are 90.00 minutes long.
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