Top college admission is guaranteed at this level. Learn advanced algorithms and their use to qualify for the national team.

At this level, most students know exactly what they need to do to improve their chances for the next step. Our Platinum Training Program aims to provide the theoretical and practical support you seek. Once you complete the program, you will be able to challenge yourself with past USACO Platinum and IOI problems.

Each class includes several problems from past USACO contests. After presenting a problem, the instructor guides students toward a viable solution through critical questions and helpful hints. At the end of the discussion, the instructor presents a comprehensive solution focusing on the topics of the day. Students are expected to implement the solutions as homework.

Problem Solving classes are classes that help students master the problem solving skills necessary to pass the target exams. This is as opposed to the Foundation Classes where curriculum elements are systematically introduced from scratch. You can take any number of Problem Solving classes. However, you should observe their order as they feature increasingly harder problems.

The training program follows a structured sequence of modules, each loosely building upon the concepts introduced in the preceding module. So they are recommended to be taken in the presented order.

Problem Solving
Keep Practicing

Aim for the Top 24!

If your level does not fit into the cases below, contact us for a complimentary evaluation assistance.
New Contestants

If you recently qualified for Platinum level, stack up with new algorithms with the Foundations modules. If you already know the listed algorithms, take the Problem Solving class.

One-to-one Instruction

For customized instruction tailored for your specific needs, we will arrange one of our top champions to coach you to success.

for 12 lessons
per hour.
Includes pdf course materials or textbook. Promotions are calculated and shown in the cart. Lessons are 120.00 minutes long.
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