AIME Number Theory

AIME Number Theory is focused on problem solving with brief summary lecture about the relevant theorems. A set of ten to fifteen challenging and representative problems selected from the world's prestigious high school contests are solved in each class.

Students are expected to study any remaining problems as homework. Solutions are provided.

Metal Spheres
2023 Summer
Mon 17 Jul
Fri 21 Jul
Math Online Camp
5 Daily Meetings. (Mon - Fri )
Jul. 17th to Jul. 21st
Between 8:00am and 3:00pm
America/Los_Angeles (PDT)
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This Course Features
  • Live Interactive Instruction
  • Highly Experienced World Champion Teachers
  • Solid Curriculum for AIME Number Theory Preparation
  • 24 Hours of Lecture and Problem Solving
  • Lectures are Recorded and Accessible After the Camp
  • Solutions to All Course Problems Included
  • Minimum One Year Access to Course Materials
  • Hourly Rate is Equivalent to ~$25.00. Less With Discounts
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World Champion (IMO Silver)
Hale Nur Kazacesme
+10 Years Teaching Experience
01Basic Divisibility
02Modular Arithmetic
05Prime Factorization
06Euclidean & Division Algorithm
07Squeezing & Inequalities
08Fractions & Rational Numbers & Perfect Squares
09Factorials & Functions
0APrimes & Fermat's Little Theorem
0CAdvanced Divisibility
0DDigits & Decimal Representations & Bases
08:00 am Lecture90 minutes
09:30 am Break15 minutes
09:45 am Lecture90 minutes
11:15 am Lunch30 minutes
11:45 am Lecture90 minutes
01:15 am Break15 minutes
01:30 am Lecture90 minutes
Times shown are in Pacific Time Zone.

Qualification for AIME is required for this class.