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Summer Camps Are Great For Everyone!

Our summer camps deliver success for everyone. You will study with motivated students under the guidance of top notch instructors, and level up your skills before the next school year starts.

Key Strategy of Winners

Devoting a significant portion of summer to learning and practicing new skill is one of the well known strategy of winners within the league. Don't miss out!

Free from School Work

Academic competitions require serious study. It's hard to allocate sufficient time to properly adress the needs of such rigorous learning during the school year.

Effective and Efficient

A motivated student can achieve a lot during a fraction of their summer downtime. Summer camps are intensive and distraction free. One learns a lot more effectively.

A Time to Accelerate

Need to catch up? Summer is the perfect time to accelerate your learning in order to remain competitive. Most successful students start at early middle school.

Summer Camp Courses

The following courses offer online camps this summer. Visit their respective pages to learn about available options and to register.

Learn programming or improve your coding skills. Train for the USA Computing Olympiad and AP Computer Science.
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Dive into the fascinating world of algorithms. Achieving success in the Silver contest is no easy task, but it is incredibly rewarding.
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Earn AMC 8 and MathCounts awards! Start early to set a strong foundation for success in high school STEM courses and olympiads.
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Fundamental training for all high school level competitions. The subject modules of this course will also help you ace SAT/ACT exams.
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With Invitation Comes Great Challenges! Prepare for the rigors of AIME with specially designed advanced topical classes.
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You can begin with an Algebra based class and expand as your math skills improve. You can train for F=ma, USAPhO or AP Physics.
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