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Spring Mini Camps

Rigorous Booster Opportunity Before the Spring Contests

2023 Spring Mini Camp

USACO Bronze Training Key
USACO Bronze
Sat 14 Jan
Mon 16 Jan
Computer Science | Online Camp | 2023 Spring
Problem Solving Mini Camp
3 Daily Meetings. (Sat - Mon )
Jan. 14th to Jan. 16th
Between 8:00am and 3:00pm
America/Los_Angeles (PST)
Course Teacher
Colorful Networked Strings
Sat 14 Jan
Mon 16 Jan
Computer Science | Online Camp | 2023 Spring
Problem Solving Mini Camp
3 Daily Meetings. (Sat - Mon )
Jan. 14th to Jan. 16th
Between 8:00am and 3:00pm
America/Los_Angeles (PST)
Course Teacher
Newton Pendulum Demo Experiment
Sat 14 Jan
Mon 16 Jan
Physics | Online Camp | 2023 Spring
F=ma Problem Solving
3 Daily Meetings. (Sat - Mon )
Jan. 14th to Jan. 16th
Between 8:00am and 3:00pm
America/Los_Angeles (PST)
Course Teacher
Mini Camp courses run on an intensive daily schedule.

What Does a Mini Camp Course Daily Schedule Look Like?

Full Day Courses

Computer Science (USACO) mini camps dedicate three blocks for problem solving and one block on implementation. During the Implementation and Practice time students may interact freely with their instructors regarding their questions or codes related to the topic.

Event Begin End
Problem Solving 8:00am 09:30am
Break 9:30am 9:45am
Problem Solving 9:45am 11:15am
Lunch 11:15am 11:45am
Problem Solving 11:45am 1:15pm
Break 1:15pm 1:30pm
Implementation/Q&A 1:30pm 3:00pm


Effective and Efficient

Dedicated students can achieve a lot during a portion of their break. Mini Camp provides intensive and distraction free learning before the official exam in December.

Free From School Work

Academic competitions require serious study. It's hard to allocate sufficient time to properly adress the needs of such rigorous learning during a school week.

Mini Camp is great practice before the December exam.

For whom are the Mini Camp is Useful?

Leader in Comprehensive Academic Summer Camps


Established 2013

Since early last decade, we have been running summer camps across the country mainly in the West Coast but also in Boston and New York too! 

Experienced Teachers

We only employ qualified and experienced teachers. Most of them are participants and champions of the target competitions of their subjects worldwide.

Rigorous & Comprehensive

Our curriculum is kept up to date by world champions to withstand the rigor of target competitions. The coursework presents all that is needed and more.  

Online Pre COVID-19

We are experts in online learning. We started out in 2015 ,and have been continually improving our technology and practices to meet the needs of our students.  

Hands on Learning

Withiut practice, learning new and intensive material can be unrewarding. Our summer camp daily programs include interactive practice time led by student interest and needs.  


Most of our teachers are not only subject matter expert but also experienced academic competition coaches. They will answer your guidance questions too.  

Early Access

We provide early access to the camp coursework so students can start studying in advance. That way, student's interaction with teacher will be optimized.

Small Size

We keep our instructor/student ratio at about one to tewelve. If student number is more than 12, a second instructor is added up to a max of eighteen  students

Aren't we supposed to get a break from ZOOM Already?

Are Online Camps a Good Idea?

A learning environment where students are able to interactively engage with teacher, other students, and other course resources is certainly meaningful and valuable. If you make the best of it, an online winter camp may be as effective as its physical counterpart in our experience.

We, as teachers and as parents, know how you feel about the recent COVID-19 educational changes. As you've certainly noticed, following an online class requires additional self-discipline and serious engagement with the course material. We advise you to encourage to explore our courses while remembering that online courses lack certain dynamics of a traditional classroom inherently provides. In a traditional classroom, a teacher may reign in the attention of their students, thereby ensuring their engagement with the material. However, within an online setting, self-diligence and motivation become essential in maintaining the engagement to further your academic goals. 

Is an Online Camp for You?

Communicative Participation is Critical for Success

Effectiveness of online classes has a strong correlation with active communication between the student to engage with the course instructor. Students may easily ask questions via chat without waiting and interrupting the instruction. For self conscious students private chat is a great option.

Takeaway: If your student is comfortable in expressing their questions, online learning can be as useful as a traditional physical class.   

Group Collaboration Helps with Engagement

We encourage students to engage with other students and collaborate during and after the class using the technology provided. However, nothing can beat physical presence together in a classroom environment.

Takeaway: If you have a safe way of arranging a small group who will take the same class, then we certainly recommend the online camp for your group. As a bonus, all of your group members will get sibling discount.    

Lighten the Intensity with Early Access Option

Students may start studying the course materials in advance with the self study versions of the same curriculum. By the time summer camp starts, if they master some of the material, it will help build their confidence. This also means that they may focus on their specific questions during the lectures.

Takeaway: If you can commit to the early access and study somewhat in advance, online winter camp is going to be beneficial for you. 

Helpful STAR LEAGUE Policies for Mini Camps

Flexible Cancellation Policy

If early access option is not requested, you may cancel the registration after the first day of class by paying a prorated daily rate. This may serve as an insurance policy, if you are not 100% sure that online camp is for your student. See full cancellation policies here. You may also consider tutoring at your own schedule. 

Recordings & Post Access

We provide access to the summer camp course materials and the recordings until September 2022. If the student cannot complete all the work during the summer camp period, they may be completed later during the summer. Keep in mind that offline teacher support will still be available even after the summer camp.

It Is Not Unusual!

Have Another Question?

We are available to speak with you everyday 10AM-8PM Pacific Time at (949)-502-8567.

We will help you with your short term as well as long term study questions and plans right on the phone.