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A-Star Camp to Warm-up for the USACO National Camp

Star League is organizing a free special camp in Bay Area on April 30-May 1 to warm-up for the USACO National Camp. In this condensed two-day camp, students will have the opportunity to practice and discuss former International Olympiads in Informatics or similar level problems as well as to experience the contest environment with their peers. Training has both online and onsite options for convenience.

We have limited capacity. USACO Platinum contestants are welcome to signup to the camp at the following link:



USACO US Open Results

The last contest of USACO, US Open contest was held on April 1-4. A-Star faculty Suchir Balaji became the national champion (2nd in the USACO World ranking). In addition, A-Star student Bryan Chen was able to get in top-10 in the USACO World ranking.

A-Star currently has 57 students in USACO Platinum division among about 150 students in US. You can check our website for names: http://starleague.us/index.php/achievements. Please email us, if we missed your name on our achievement page or in the list below.

The following A-Star students are promoted to the Platinum Division:



USA wins Romanian Master of Mathematics

A team of U.S. high school students won first place in the 2016 Romanian Master of Mathematics (RMM), one of the most challenging international high school mathematics competitions in the world. Sixteen countries were invited to compete in the RMM, held from February 24 to 29 in Bucharest, Romania. In addition to the team victory, U.S. student Eshaan Nichani achieved the highest individual score in the contest, winning a gold medal.

All the American students placed high in the competition: Nichani and Junyao Peng won individual gold medals; Alec Sun, Michael Ma, and Calvin Lee were awarded silver; and Celine Liang received honorable mention.

To read more please visit: http://www.maa.org/news/us-wins-romanian-master-of-mathematics-competition


A-Star students received 12 Perfect Scores in AMC 10/12

American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10/12 were held in February 2nd and 17th. Congratulations to the following A-Star students for their perfect scores:

Andrew Lin, AMC10A & AMC10B
Ankan Bhattacharya, AMC12B
Benjamin Chen, AMC12B
Celine Liang, AMC12B
Daniel Guo, AMC12B
Matthew Guo, AMC10A
Rajiv Movva, AMC10B
Sean Shi, AMC12B
Swapnil Garg, AMC10A & AMC12B
Walker Kroubalkian, AMC10A

For more reports and statistics, visit: http://amc-reg.maa.org/reports/generalreports.aspx

mathkangroo logo

Star League hosted Math Kangaroo in Bay Area and Orange County

Star League hosted Math Kangaroo Contest in Bay Area and Orange County on March 17th. Around 400 students participated in Star League test centers. Participants may check the results from Math Kangaroo website http://www.mathkangaroo.org early May.

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MathCounts CA State Results

MathCounts California State Competitions took place at Stanford and UCI on March 5th and 12th, respectively. Redwood School coached by P. J. Yim won the team competition. Top four-scoring individuals able to attend the national competition are Nevin Liang, Wentinn Liao, Brent Liu, and Ishika Shah. They will represent California in the MathCounts Nationals on May 7th in Washington DC. Mr. Yim will coach the California State team.

Below is the list of A-Star students in North California State Competition top 10: